Spotlight on Bistrot Pearly, the new opalescent line by Sabre Paris

First, a feast for the eyes… On the beautifully set table, a unique harmony of the famous Bistrot model shakes up the cutlery world. The lovely new addition? Translucent pearly opaline handles that recall the shimmering elegance of the Icône range. Four exclusive and colorful services to discover only online. Let there be light!

When the timelessness of Bistrot meets the elegance of Icône

Since its launch in 2016, the Bistrot collection has invented its own rules. Just the right balance between French tradition and joyful modernity, thanks to an elegant style and stunning colorways.

Since then, its simple design and three rivets have won over aesthetes in search of authenticity. Today, Bistrot reinvents itself by borrowing the diaphanous material of the Icône collection for the first time … and mixing the colors of its pieces. A combination that is sure to stir things up.

Have fun and mix things up!

Dare to mix and match. Sabre Paris makes a bold move with Bistrot Pearly and its four brilliantly new chromatic harmonies.

A fresh take

From flickering candles to warm sunbeams, light shines at the heart of the new Bistrot Pearly range. Carefully crafted with Sabre Paris’s know-how, the handles slip into perfectly pearly and opalescent shades. Slightly translucent material that almost seems to glow on a marble countertop, on a napkin or in your hand. A precious edition whose shiny or vintage metal finishes add that special Sabre touch to a table.