With Sabre Paris cutlery, Christmas hits all the right notes

There’s a buzz of excitement in the air. As Christmas draws near, a key question pops up: how can you set your table and wow your guests?
While others search for solutions, you already have the answer: Sabre Paris cutlery.

Both casual and chic, it makes every visitor ooh and aah. There’s no need for strenuous or complicated scene-setting: just let our clever accessories do the work. All you have to do is raise your glass and say cheers.

Leave room to improvise … but don’t go overboard

Tomorrow’s the big day. The food is neatly stored in the fridge. The wine is at the right temperature in the cellar. The flowers are blooming in crystal vases. And the guest list is finalized.

Every Christmas, the number of guests dictates the rhythm of the evening. Although the equation may vary, the result instantly promises delightful moments with friends and family. Our tips to make them feel welcome? Be prepared to celebrate and have the perfect table settings ready and waiting.

With each new arrival, simply open your kitchen drawers and pick some ivory Bistrot flatware, dark grey Icône pieces and an entire Duo Rouge set. With Sabre Paris, throwing together a coordinated set is a piece of cake. Add one more dish, light some candles and there you go: it’s time to sit down at the table and share a scrumptious festive meal with the ones you love.

Go all out… but keep it fresh

Some say you should stick to three colors max on the table. You can gladly accept these rules of etiquette on Christmas Eve. Say yes to a carmine red tablecloth, pine green napkins and touches of gold.

As long as you don’t fall into the trap of a table that looks flawless but fussy. Showcase fun pieces that put Christmas in party mode. To gently brighten up porcelain dishes, select the new Bistrot flatware dressed up in a playful red or white tartan pattern.

 You can also add pizzazz to the table with faux tortoise Bistrot pieces. Then, introduce the next delicious treats with olive-toned Icône models. The night is just getting started, with the sampling of a four-star meal, the exciting unwrapping of gifts and the conversations that stretch into the wee hours in the firelight’s glow.

Opt for a bare yet cheerful table

What if the secret is to avoid frills and create Christmas magic with a minimalist setting? In the starring role, a simple wooden table holding only what’s needed: speckled stoneware dishes, glistening Murano glass carafes and champagne flutes with a cut diamond pattern to sip an aperitif.

Not to mention flatware that is streamlined yet refined. Like the Numéro 1 collection with its asymmetric wooden handles, the Gustave pieces with their shimmering mother-of-pearl and the Bistrot accessories in teak or an intriguing Dune pattern. Guided by mindful simplicity, this choice is an ideal fit for this Christmas dinner table. In fact, it reveals it in all its glory.

Numéro 1, Light press wood
Bistrot Dune, Black