Sabre Paris cutlery under the tree

Obviously, the best place for Sabre Paris creations is a beautiful table. But, during the festive season, we recommend wrapping them in lovely packages and offering them as original gifts. Bistrot, Icône, Duo or Numéro 1: explore our wide choice of accessories and find the perfect match for your loved ones.

Under the tree of… a foodie family

In this house, where every meal is a gourmet experience, chefs’ recipes are a must. The goal? An incredible explosion of flavors ensured by contrasting tastes and textures. 

To enjoy dishes as delicious as they are elegant, you can’t skimp on the tableware. The table needs lovely flatware worthy of the refined food. So, these fine food lovers will jump for joy when they open their gifts and discover Numéro 1 pieces with their asymmetric wooden handles, a shiny ivory Bistrot set, the Marius line or black Pop items. To accompany the most voracious appetites in style.

Under the tree of… globetrotter friends

Every time these world travelers invite you to dinner, you wonder what dish from the East, Africa or Asia you’ll discover next. In their home, food is a way to take you with them in their luggage and open up your horizons. The unusual recipes always come with tales of exciting journeys. You find yourself at food trucks in Los Angeles, counters in Porto or cheap maquis bars or gargote restaurants in Dakar... During these culinary excursions, each bite takes you deliciously farther from home.

To satisfy these explorers at Christmas, why not offer flatware that conjures up foreign lands? Like the new Bistrot models with their red and white tartan pattern for a British getaway. Or accessories from the same collection with faux tortoise handles, to get whisked away to a beach and tropical jungle. Not to mention the Dune pieces, with wavy motifs that recall the hills of sand in the Sahara. Tableware that transports you to faraway countries in a few seconds flat.

Under the tree of… color lovers

Some people in your family have found the trick to keep the grey of winter out of sight: a cheerful color palette. A rule that they apply in every corner of their home and on their dining room table. 

They know that boldly colored flatware is crucial for creative meals that look as good as they taste. To make sure that these fans of warm tones are tickled pink, you can’t go wrong with dark green Pop pieces, red Honorine accessories, aubergine Icône items or the Toile de Jouy set. To transform everyday meals into a sunny adventure.