An autumn recipe by Sabre Paris

Shh. Time to slow down. Time to watch nature put on its show and switch to different colors. Everywhere around you, smoldering shades transform the landscapes. Why not match your table with the tones of the new season? Sabre Paris revisits Numéro 1 — its cult collection — with an autumnal palette: red, ivory and green. Perfect flatware to enjoy comforting dishes that all share a star ingredient: Sabre Paris, of course.

A dose of creamy white

First shivers. Shorter days. A carpet of leaves on the sidewalks. There’s no doubt about it: autumn is here. With it comes the urge to cozy up your home and mellow out the atmosphere with milky tones. Immaculate linen tablecloths leave closets and unfurl over tables. White squash lines up on top, like a chic and delicious table runner, for a visual treat.

A pile of porcelain dishes, earthenware plates and a stoneware pitcher. In this opaline setting, a key element stands out: Numéro 1 flatware. The sparkling handle is crafted in an ivory color, in harmony with the season. A poetic tone that softens the curved line – the signature of the utensils – and adds an extra touch of elegance to your meals.

A dash of fern green

After long strolls in the woods, you’re filled with the irrepressible desire to invite nature into your home. Houses transform into modern forests. Chestnuts overflow from decorative bowls, the smell of mushrooms floats in the air, and plants spill from every available vase.

On the table? Numéro 1 flatware choreographs an exquisite chlorophyll dance in a new green shade. Dark, deep and discreetly earthy: the pieces grace each meal with a refined autumn touch. Why not go one step farther and compose an original monochrome table?

A pinch of garnet red

Slip into a sweater. Light a fire in the chimney. Wrap yourself in a blanket. And, through the window, watch the leaves dance in the wind. As soon as the autumn air grows cooler, these are your rituals. Another reflex is to fill your home with bright colors that bring warmth and comfort. Arranged on a large wooden board on the table, seasonal fruits and vegetables set the tone: the amber orange of pumpkins, the rust of red kuri squash and the carmine of Reinette Étoilée apples.

Numéro 1 flatware literally melts into this inspiring gradation. The handles are dressed in a deep and enveloping ruby shade. This dense color accentuates the curve of the utensils and pleasantly distracts the eye. A delightful aesthetic diversion before enjoying a roasted chestnut gratin, steaming hot from the oven.