Chronicle of a summer day withSabre Paris

A scorching sun, an azure blue sky and a light breeze. It’s official: summer is finally here. And with it come endless desires, including the need to slow down and enjoy more pleasant moments at the table. Because, whether formally set, improvised or on-the-go, the table is exactly where we spend most of our time, along with the best partners: a selection of Sabre Paris flatware, perfect for the season.
A tale of a summer day, in excellent company.

10 a.m. — The breakfast whentime stood still

It’s one of those (blessed) days when the alarm doesn’t go off. A day when you emerge gently from slumber, watching the sunbeams filter through the blinds. With lazy steps, you head to the breakfast table, which is laden with all sorts of sweet and savory delights.
Crisp, firm bread to cut, fresh butter sprinkled with salt crystals to spread with a dedicated green gingham knife. Scrambled eggs to relish with the brilliant chick yellow Bistrot service.

These playful pieces in bold colors announce a morning that lets the sunshine in. The only rule is to take your time.

2 p.m. — Countryside orseaside picnic, away from thecity

he clock strikes noon. Time to set out for the beach or organize a bucolic getaway and have lunch in the great outdoors.
A summer picnic with its unbeatable taste of freedom.
Fill the icebox with food to share with friends: juicy tomatoes and (increasingly) sophisticated salads. Seated comfortably, the watermelon is spiked with Transat's Lapis blue service, reminiscent of the color of the ocean. A complete recipe for a happy moment with loved ones that we wish would never end.

6 p.m. — Festive impromptu aperitif, where anything goes.

Gingham, Red
Butter SpreaderGingham, Red
Sale price$17.00
Bamboo, Light press wood
BambouBamboo, Light press wood
Sale price$30.00

Friends pop by to say hi and end up sitting at the table and leaving hours later. This is the happy scenario that plays out every summer when the doorbell rings. On the table, we spontaneously spread out everything we need to welcome our surprise guests. Creamy mozzarella, Kalamata olives and fresh oysters from the fish market. In a happy hubbub, we hand out flatware for the light meal.

The Panda oyster fork with its curved bamboo handle to scoop out shellfish without staining your clothes; and a red gingham Printed butter spreader to coat bread in a generous layer of rillettes that seem to disappear in the blink of an eye. Better add more hors d’oeuvres. Another friend just arrived!

​​9 p.m. — A candlelight dinner under theolive tree

The sun is still up and the air is still warm: time to transform the aperitif into a delightful outdoor dinner. In the garden, you set an elegant yet simple table. The theme: rough materials and natural shades for a casual mood. Like our Lavandou service in olive wood, placed around ceramic dishes, where mezes wait to be nibbled on. It’s all about mixing and matching.
Here and there, add immaculate Shiny White cutlery.
It’s the beginning of one of those long dreamy summer nights.