Some grains of sand still linger in the bottom of your suitcase, like an irrepressible desire to make summer last forever … But another feeling soon takes over: the excitement of going back to work. And, along with it, the urge to redecorate your home.

Here is Sabre Paris’s (precious) checklist to reinvent your table and give it a fresh look. Take out your pen and check off the boxes!

□ Equipped and ready… just like at school

Think back to your childhood for a minute. Remember how quickly you left summer vacation behind you? Faster than a marshmallow melting in your mouth.

Was it because you couldn’t wait to sit at your desk again? Not really. You were just excited about the sparkling school supplies that would make your classmates jealous.

Years later, your “back-to-school” moment takes place not in the playground, but right in your own home. And it comes with the same yearning to surround yourself with crave-worthy pieces.

In the kitchen, this means sorting through your drawers and renewing your essentials with smart flatware by Sabre Paris. During your traditional back-at-home dinners, you’ll spread these treasures out on the table – just as you’d lay out your pretty notebooks – for your loved ones to admire and maybe follow your lead. Check!

□ Switch things up at the table… without moving

Bistrot Vintage Dune, Ivory
BISTROTBistrot Vintage Dune, Ivory
Sale price$81.00
Nature, Light press wood

When it’s time to go back to work, a radical idea rattles around in your brain: why not revolutionize your home? It only takes a few steps. Like arranging the objects around you in a different way and in different combinations. Now’s the time to use all that creativity that built up in your head as you gazed at the sea over summer. Change your table by cheerfully and effortlessly mixing and matching Sabre Paris flatware. You’ll be surprised by the endless possibilities when you unite the lines of the Duo range, the materials of the Bistrot pieces and the generous shades of the Icône collection. Step back and take a look: you have cleverly transformed your table and redefined the rules of beauty, as you do so brilliantly at the end of every summer. Check!

□ Enjoy… a fresh start

September is settling in. It’s a time when so many people move out and move in. Now it’s your turn to set down your boxes in an unexplored space. A perfect spot to reinvent yourself and create your own memories, at your own pace. In these beautifully bare rooms, you’ll be tempted to start from scratch and surround yourself with different objects. Sweep away any doubts and hesitations: make a change with Sabre Paris flatware.

Empty cupboards open wide to welcome these pieces that transform your daily life in their own little way. Utensils to discover unexplored tastes and try inventive culinary rituals. In your new home, the start of the season is the beginning of an exciting adventure. Check!