No more traditional tables: this year, shake things up!

Since 2016, our Bistrot cutlery has made tables more tempting than ever. Every day, this iconic line adds flavor to the culinary life of busy families and young professionals alike. The secret behind its success? A streamlined look, a simple touch and remarkable handles stamped with three rivets. The only difficulty is choosing between a vintage matte or a glossy finish.

In 2024, Bistrot gives us a colorful outlook on life

As always, Sabre Paris is generous with its table spread. In 2024, Bistrot cutlery is revamped with a dozen or so additional shades. Dynamic or softer hues unfurl a wide chromatic palette that offers a rainbow of possibilities.

Pine green, scarlet red, electric blue or charcoal grey: the more flamboyant, the better! Sabre Paris invites you to arrange unique bouquets on your tablecloths (or directly on the table). Opt for color block harmonies or surprising shade mixes.

With these lively and playful pieces, romantic dinners become more passionate, while meals with friends feel more festive. In our stores, the accessories dazzle in the windows and strike a pose on our displays, ready to spruce up their future homes.

An artistic touch to mix and match

With these bright and exceptional shades, Sabre Paris encourages you to rewrite the rules.

The fir green knife is suddenly combined with the grey fork. The little chick-yellow spoon combines with the electric-blue soup spoon.

Unexpected mixes and offbeat combinations: anything goes. Meals become a living work of art, a painting enlivened with an exalting palette, pulled right from your kitchen drawers. Amidst the joyful chatter, be sure to take a moment to admire your talent before grabbing the flatware and digging in.

And if you like color but also adore our patterns, click here.

Bistrot Solid, Pink
BISTROTBistrot Solid, Pink
Sale price$74.00
Bistrot Solid, Lime
BISTROTBistrot Solid, Lime
Sale price$16.00