Goodbye stuffy banquets and hello colorful feasts!

Springing from a clever artisanal process mastered by Sabre Paris,
the DUO collection makes mischief by electrifying tableware with its dynamic two-tone handle.

Turquoise, orange and lilac: each color is enhanced with tangy transparent depth that whets the appetite.
You’ll want to set the table againas soon as the meal is over!

9 bright shades

Available in nine shades, this bright range is a playful celebration of
daily life.

The watchwords of a DUO table? Indulgence, simplicity and

Values expressed by a sophisticated and minimalist design that’s just slightly oversized.

Duo, Red
DUODuo, Red
Sale price$122.00
Duo, Lapis blue
DUODuo, Lapis blue
Sale price$122.00